Welcome to Dynamic Consultation


The Mission of Dynamic Consultation is to integrate Baha’i consultation with the theories, skills and practices of modern group processes creating unified and active communities for the peace and prosperity of humankind.

Vision - Love and unity in action

Values - Purity of motive, radiance of spirit, detachment from all else save God, attraction to His Divine Fragrances, humility and lowliness amongst His loved ones, patience and long-suffering in difficulties and servitude to His exalted Threshold. 

Click here for 9 Facets web site.  9 Facets includes many resources including Cindy Savage’s books and links, 5 years of Brilliant Star magazine, Arden Lee historic files, and free youth and children books.

This website is designed as a resource for those interested in improving Baha’i consultation.  It includes links and information on a variety of aspects that help inform and amplify consultation.  It is not the only way to augment consultation and is meant to demonstrate only a few of the possible theories and practices that are compatible with a Baha’i consultative environment.  This website is not associated with a Baha’i institution and is a project based solely on the individual initiative of Trip Barthel.